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The M&A MARKET — Scarcity Premium, The Time is Now


Today’s guest is Bryan Wallace. Bryan is a Managing Director and Head of Industrials at Bridgepoint Investment Banking. Based in Denver, Bryan brings with him 20+ years of experience in M&A advisory and capital raising.

On today’s podcast, Matt and Bryan discuss the current state of the M&A market. Wallace mentions that there is increased activity and demand from buyers in the market, particularly in the industrial services sector. He also discusses the importance of financing support and staple financing in getting deals done at good valuations. Wallace notes that certain sectors, such as SaaS and technology, have seen increased demand and valuation pressure, while others, like the consumer market, have been slower to recover. He advises business owners to focus on growth and margin scalability to position their businesses for success in the market. Wallace also mentions that now may be a good time for certain types of companies to consider selling, and encourages those interested to reach out to Bridgepoint for further discussion.

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