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Podcast: Why Financial Advisors Should Partner with Investment Banks

Bridgepoint is proud to share that Managing Director Mike Anderson has been featured in Episode 52 of the Value-Ability podcast, a podcast for financial advisors, business owners, and anyone interested in financial planning, business, leadership, and personal development.

In this episode, Mike Anderson shares how and why financial advisors should work together with investment banks like Bridgepoint to create optimal outcomes for their clients.

Listen to the episode below to find insights including:

  • What is investment banking?
  • How can investment banks and financial advisors work together?
  • What outcomes do investment banks provide to companies?
  • Which roles do investment banks and financial advisors play in the process of selling a company?
  • Why should financial advisors bring in a trusted investment bank and how should they introduce them to their client’s situation?
  • Which characteristics make a company a good candidate to engage an investment bank?
  • What options are available to business owners and financial advisors when selling a business?


Stay tuned for Part 2 of this podcast, where Mike offers valuable insights to company owners who may be interested in a capital raise or M&A transaction.

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