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Software M&A Transaction Recap, First Half 2021

As technology adoption and digital transformation continue to increase among consumers and companies alike, the technology sector is an active space among investors. Within the technology sector, the software industry is buzzing with M&A activity.

Bridgepoint has compiled a recap of M&A activity in the US software market so far in 2021, covering the 429 software M&A transactions that have occurred in the following verticals:

  • Enterprise Software
  • Internet Software
  • Security Software
  • Application Hosting Services
  • Office and Home Productivity Software
  • Multimedia Software
  • Drawing and Imaging Software
  • Automation Products and Services
  • Personal Mobile Applications
  • Development Tools
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Software Research
  • Maintenance Software
  • Banking System Software
  • Performance Monitoring and Analysis Software
  • Backup and Recovery Software

Download our complimentary H1-2021 Software M&A Transaction Recap now for valuable insights into the software M&A market.

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