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Podcast: What Business Owners Need to Know About Selling Their Company

Bridgepoint is proud to share that Managing Director Mike Anderson has been featured in Episode 53 of the Value-Ability podcast, a podcast for business owners, financial advisors, and anyone interested in business, leadership, financial planning, and personal development.

In this episode, Mike Anderson shares key considerations for business owners who may be considering the sale of their company. Find out about resources available to business owners considering a sale, which factors can help make a company viable for an acquisition, and where you can turn for unconflicted advice about navigating the challenges of selling a family-owned business.

Listen to the episode below to find insights including:

  • What can business owners do to best position themselves for a capital raise or acquisition? What should business owners know and understand when considering these types of transactions?
  • Which characteristics make a company better suited for an acquisition or capital raise? 
  • What is the importance of having options when raising capital or selling a company? What options are available for funding sources and potential buyers?
  • How does Bridgepoint Investment Banking help business owners determine the right path? What is the importance of “Dad Advice” when exploring a transaction like this?
  • What is investment banking? What roles do investment banks play in assisting business owners?
  • How does Bridgepoint Investment Banking help business owners navigate the unique challenges of growing or selling a family-owned business?

Bridgepoint Investment Banking is passionate about helping family-owned and founder-owned companies succeed. We are here to help you explore your options for growth capital, acquisitions, or selling your company. Contact Bridgepoint today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals. 

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