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Bridgepoint’s 2021 Summer Intern Class Reflects on Investment Banking Internship

As the summer of 2021 draws to a close, Bridgepoint’s class of summer interns has been reflecting on what they learned during their investment banking internship and the advice they’d give to future interns in the competitive field of investment banking.

Our summer intern class included University of Nebraska-Lincoln student Nick Callahan, Creighton University student Noah Schalley and Brigham Young University student Owen Jensen. These interns quickly became an important part of the Bridgepoint team and we are grateful for their efforts this summer!

Below, they share what they learned and enjoyed about their internship and the advice they would give to future interns.

What are the top things you learned during your summer internship with Bridgepoint?

Noah: I learned how to value a business using public comparables, transaction comparables, DCF and LBO, how to position a company within a pitchbook, teaser and CIP, plus a vast amount of information about the healthcare and technology sectors.

Owen: My internship at Bridgepoint was as much of an opportunity to improve technical skills as it was to improve interpersonal communication skills. I was grateful to further my PowerPoint, Word and Excel capabilities but more so for the opportunity to collaborate with an incredibly dedicated team. Although I had already had a previous investment banking internship, Bridgepoint gave me an inside look at the dynamic work environment of an investment bank and sold me on the career path.

Nick: Throughout my summer at Bridgepoint, I learned a variety of skills that I will take with me throughout my entire career. Some of the top things that I learned throughout the summer at Bridgepoint include: forming a deep understanding of the big picture (deal process, valuation, strategy, negotiation), best practices while managing client relationships, and valuable technical skills.

What have been your favorite parts of your internship?

Noah: My favorite part about my internship was the people. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone on this great team.

Owen: The highlight of my Bridgepoint internship was the opportunity to collaborate with others on the team. Every day I was fortunate enough to work with both junior and senior bankers alike who were always ready to answer my questions and help me out. Because of these collaborative efforts, I was able to do a large amount of work on live deals. There is no better way to learn about the industry than working on live engagements with the experts themselves.

Nick: My favorite aspect of the Bridgepoint internship has been the significant responsibilities given to interns. The team is very open to hearing what interns feel they need more experience with / want to get their hands on and tasks them accordingly.

How would you describe the experience to future Bridgepoint interns?

Noah: I would describe this experience as fast-paced. Be ready to hit the ground running and learn a lot.

Owen: In one sentence I would describe my Bridgepoint experience as: “A fully comprehensive and immersive look into the world of investment banking, working with others to solve real problems and help companies achieve their goals.” I felt like I exited the internship more aware of the industry and able to understand how it works.

Nick: The Bridgepoint experience gives you the knowledge and experience to quickly advance in your career. As an intern, you take on significant responsibilities within live transactions, modeling, client relationships and more that allow you to quickly learn skills that can be taken with you for the entirety of your career.

What advice would you give to future interns?

Noah: “You are surrounded by a very intelligent team – appreciate every moment and learn from them.”

Owen: “Be a sponge. Although you may not understand everything that is going on, a lot can be learned from just being in the room where decisions are made. Make sure you are embracing these opportunities to learn from other people. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, the Bridgepoint team wants to see you succeed and will therefore be willing to answer any and every question you have.”

Nick: “Become a student during your time at Bridgepoint. The firm has many highly experienced professionals who have valuable advice and experience that any intern can learn a great amount from.”

Nick Callahan will continue his internship with Bridgepoint, joining Creighton University student Tommy Ransom as our 2021/2022 school year interns. Learn more about Tommy here.

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