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Beyond the Bank: A Guide to Funding Sources & Types of Capital for Company Owners

When your company needs capital, where do you turn? If you’re like most business owners, you may simply head to the bank to seek out a commercial lender.

But as your company grows and your capital needs become bigger and more complex, it’s important to understand the other capital solutions available to your company.

In our latest resource for company owners, we explore:

  • Sources of capital for privately-owned companies
  • Key differences between types of bank and non-bank lenders
  • Non-bank funding sources, including venture capital, private equity and private debt
  • Types of equity and debt capital available to middle-market companies
  • Explanations, considerations and advantages of institutional debt sources
  • How debt and equity capital solutions compare in regards to cost of capital, investment structure, leverage tolerance, amortization, equity dilution, investment horizon and other factors

Download our complimentary guide to understand the universe of capital solutions now.

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